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Summer Savings Referral Program


At Donegan’s Tree Service we sure do love our trees. You know what else we love? Our clients! So this summer we are offering a referral gift card program.

If you get a friend to book a service with us, then you will get a Visa gift card that you can apply to anything! That’s right, get a friend to let Donegan’s help them with their trees and you’ll not only be doing them a favor, you’ll be saving money on your everyday purchases.

Here’s how the rewards break down:
$1000 job | $50 gift card
$2500 job | $75 gift card
$5000+ job | $100 gift card

But that isn’t all. Your friend will benefit, too, thanks to a 10% off, first-time customer discount!

Talk about a win-win situation. Don’t wait! Refer your friends and you can both start saving now. This offer is only good for July and August, so don’t miss out!

When your friends submit a request for an estimate make sure they check off "Referring a Friend" and include your name in the "How We Can Help" box.

Jim Donegan